Megan Fox Poses for Prestige Magazine, Hong Kong

Megan Fox   for Prestige Magazine,  Megan Fox_56513
There’s something fantastically quirky about this quintessential Hollywood hottie. She’s starred in several action films and an equal number of comedies, both television and film. The dare-to-bare magazine shoots she’s done (listed in every “hot” list or “most beautiful” roster) versus the zany interviews she’s given on talk shows where her tongue-in-cheek quips seem at odds  with her chic glamour; the old-school femme fatale vibe she exudes versus the distinctly non-diva behaviour on set. It’s all so incongruous and unexpected.Megan Fox_56511
From the outset when she first appeared on sitcoms, there was no denying how incredible she looked – her comedic counterparts commented on her bombshell physicality. Beautiful women generally aren’t expected to be that funny – “You need a fly in the ointment of comedy,” said Fran Drescher, star of the popular 1990s sitcom The Nanny, who has stunning looks, “But then, God gave me this voice so I was meant to lead in a situation comedy!”

Megan Fox_56509

Megan Fox, however, has no such aberrations. The breathy cadences, those laser-focused blue eyes, curves in all the right places, a body covered in tattoos, that slick black hair and her revealing gowns on the red carpet … yes, there have been comparisons with Angelina Jolie, “but I felt more of a kinship with Marilyn Monroe”, she says.

Megan Fox_56508

Megan Fox_56507

Megan Fox_56506

Megan Fox_56510


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