Margot Robbie, Ruby Rose and Isla Fisher go to G’Day USA

Margot Robbie’s incredible success continued when she was honoured by an ecstatic Aussie-packed crowd in Los Angeles.
Margot RobbieThe Oscar nominee, who was given an Excellence in Film Award, revealed she was feeling “overwhelmed” by all the attention she had received for her barnstorming performance in biopic I, Tonya, which she also produced. Robbie described herself as a “very proud and humbled Aussie” and said her success was a combination of “audacity and good luck.”
Margot Robbie“As a girl from the lucky country living in the land of opportunity, I can say with absolute certainty when you have opportunity combined with luck, incredible thigns can happen, and receiving this award is one of those incredible things,” she said. “It still really hasn’t caught up with me yet,” she said of her Oscar nod, which she learned of on her lightning trip home to Australia to launch her film. “It’s definitely been one of the best weeks of my life.”

Ruby Rose

Isla Fischer

John Travolta

Olivia Newton John


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