Charlize Theron, resplendent at the premiere of “Tully” in Los Angeles

Charlize Theron In Christian Dior – ‘Tully’ LA Premiere


Her long, pleated black maxi dress from Dior’s Fall 2018 collection was equal parts chic and contemporary, with the statement coming from the butterfly motifs.I adore how the Fred Leighton earrings played a huge part amping up the desirability of this look.To me, this is proof that understate elegance doesn’t have to be plain or boring.


Charlize Theron premiered Jason Reitman’s movie “Tully” in Los Angeles. Resplendent in front of the photographers, the actress has been transformed since the shooting, for which she took 22 kilos.
Images from the filming of “Tully” by Jason Reitman showed Charlize Theron unrecognizable: face puffy, not made up, greasy hair. In contrast to the image of the actress against the photographers at the premiere of the film, Wednesday, April 18. In a black butterfly dress, she was resplendent. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet, Charlize Theron has just entrusted herself on her physical transformation. To enter the skin of the character, mother of three children overwhelmed, she took 22 pounds. “I just wanted to feel what this woman was feeling, and I think it was a way for me to get closer to her and understand her state of mind,” she explained.




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