Pirelli Calendar,The Cal 2019 with Laetitia Casta and Gigi Hadid

Four different stories, strong emotions, natural beauty and nothing bare for The Cal 2019, signed by Albert Watson
PIRELLI_81580The four muses of the highly anticipated Pirelli 2019 calendar have been unveiled. For The Cal the dancer Misty Copeland, the actress and model Laetitia Casta, the actress Julia Garner and the model Gigi Hadid have posed. The four stories before the goal of Albert Watson who signs this edition will be presented in December. Meanwhile, the first backstage images appear on the official website and on the social profiles …


It took only four long days to interpret the beauty of the four women. An intense work, but a flash that promises to bring The Cal back to the ancient by presenting a feminine beauty that transpires sensuality and eroticism without showing nude scenes. In front of the camera there will be everything: four important women who think, dream and transmit emotions. Browse the gallery and discover some details from the backstage waiting to see The Cal 2019







Courtsey Pirelli The Cal.2018


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